Divert Groundwater from the Basement or Foundation

2019-11-08 | KK Ranch Stone & Gravel

Good drainage is important to ensure that a home stays dry and free of mold. If groundwater collects in the basement, it is not only an inconvenient eyesore for the homeowner, it can also lead to wood rot and mold. The most reliable way to eliminate undesirable, free-standing water is... Read More

Fresh Layers of Road Base Gravel Every 1-2 Years

2019-09-24 | KK Ranch Stone & Gravel

A crushed limestone road base gravel driveway is a classic, low-maintenance, and inexpensive solution for many residents in rural areas. It matches almost every home and structure and is a pretty easy undertaking for the DIYer. Throughout Texas, crushed limestone road base gravel remains a perennially popular driveway material, not... Read More

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