Black Star Gravel

Versatile and Attractive

Here at KK Ranch Stone & Gravel, we are proud to offer Black Star Gravel which is a great choice for many different areas of your home or business. Black Star Gravel is made from basalt. Basalt is an extremely functional and durable stone, which is why the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to its use. 

It is an excellent choice for hardscape and landscape design projects. Ideal uses include walkways and pathways, rock gardens, landscape edging, driveways, and landscaping rocks for drainage. When Black Star Gravel is dry, it has more of a gray color, however, when wet, it turns black. Black Star Gravel is a versatile material that makes an attractive addition to any project. 

The Benefits of Black Star Gravel 

  • Versatile 
  • Attractive 
  • Aids In Water Drainage 
  • Durable

Black Star Gravel Can Be Used 

  • In Rock Gardens 
  • As Decorative Rock 
  • In Landscape Edging 
  • In Gravel Parking Lots
  • In Walkways And Pathways 
  • As Driveway Border
  • In French Drains/Yard Drainage

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