Pea Gravel

Decorative Landscaping, Drainage & Pipe Bedding

Pea Gravel

More and more homeowners are trying their hands at DIY projects, especially when it comes to landscaping and gardening. While landscaping might sound like a daunting task, it is not impossible. 

You just need to get to know your style and the materials you can use to get the landscape of your dreams. One of the most versatile and affordable materials on the market is pea gravel. 

Pea gravel is a kind of rock gravel that is usually characterized as small and rounded, usually approximately 3/8 inch in diameter.  These pebbles are typically cream and tan (color may vary depending on quarry) and have both aesthetic and functional uses. 

Pea gravel can be found in various types of landscapes and has multiple uses. It is durable, easy to maintain, and also comes in a variety of colors. The main difference between pea gravel and other types of gravel is the surface finish of each rock.

Instead of being jagged and chipped, the pebbles are naturally smoothed. Not only does this give pea gravel a more aesthetic appearance,  but it is also easier to touch and walk on.  

Pea gravel is not just for decorative uses. It can also be used to improve drainage because it can help distribute water evenly. In addition, it can be used as pipe bedding, roofing material, and can be mixed into concrete.

Because of its numerous qualities and visual appeal, there is no end to the versatility of this product. KK Ranch Stone & Gravel has a great supply to fill all your needs. 

The Benefits of Using Pea Gravel

  • Cost Effective
  • Natural colors
  • Easier to replace than pavers
  • Easier to work with than cement 
  • Visually appealing 
  • Requires little to no irrigation to aid in water conservation
  • Aids in weed suppression

Pea Gravel Can Help

  • Flower Gardens 
  • Avoid water pooling 
  • Patio landscaping
  • Pathway paving
  • Landscaping Lounge Areas
  • Driveways 
  • Decorative component in landscape and potted plants
  • Fish ponds and aquatic habitats
  • Drainage 
  • Pipe bedding 
  • Concrete mix-in

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