Road Base #2

Base for Driveways

Road Base for DrivewaysRoad base is used as the foundation of a road and and for driveways for areas where installing asphalt is cost prohibitive. Our road base is made from crushed limestone and limestone dust which makes it interlock and compact better than round rock would. It packs down and gets hard within a few weeks. Limestone road base material is an economical choice for driveways and parking lots.

Road base is an ideal material to be used for driveways and requires little maintenance. If heavy rains move through the area, it is possible some of the driveway gravel will be washed away. When this happens, KK Ranch Stone & Gravel will be happy to bring over more driveway gravel to lay on top in order to maintain the integrity of your driveway. 

Our road base material can also be used under concrete slabs. KK Ranch offers the best gravel road base driveway materials for homes and businesses in Johnson County, Texas.

Because this type of gravel is mud-free, it provides a stable surface for both driving and walking. Road Base also resists washout better than other types of gravel which makes it perfect for steep driveways.

The Benefits of Using Road Base

  • Cost efficient foundation option
  • Interlocks and compounds better than rock
  • Packs down quickly, forming a hard surface
  • Does not crack easily
  • Allows repair of one small section versus repairing an entire section
  • Drains well 
  • Less vulnerable to elements
  • Do-it-yourself friendly - no forms or rebar required

Road Base Can Help

  • Road Construction 
  • Parking Areas
  • Foot Paths
  • Driving
  • Paving 
  • Drainage Solutions 

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