Enhance Your Landscape with Our Black, Red, and Brown Mulch
Mulch is not only vital for enhancing the visual appeal of your garden but also plays a crucial role in suppressing weeds, retaining soil moisture, and improving soil health. At KK Ranch Stone & Gravel, we offer three premium types of mulch to cater to your specific landscaping needs. Each type is available in various quantities, delivered directly to your site. Black MulchOur Black Mulch is a superb choice for creating a striking contrast in your garden that makes the colors of your plants pop. Ideal for modern landscape designs, this mulch helps in retaining soil moisture and warming up the... Read The Rest
Base for Driveways
Road base is used as the foundation of a road and and for driveways for areas where installing asphalt is cost prohibitive. Our road base is made from crushed limestone and limestone dust which makes it interlock and compact better than round rock would. It packs down and gets hard within a few weeks. Limestone road base material is an economical choice for driveways and parking lots. Road base is an ideal material to be used for driveways and requires little maintenance. If heavy rains move through the area, it is possible some of the driveway gravel will be washed away.... Read The Rest
Pea Gravel & Concrete Sand
A mixture of pea gravel and washed concrete sand, this combination is ideal for use in most concrete applications. The Benefits of Using Remix High Compression Strength  Strong and quick for concrete mixing Remix Can Help Resist driveway wash out Patio landscaping Various Outdoor Locations Concrete Patching  Concrete Post Bases ... Read The Rest
Good Gardening Soil
This type of soil is typical used for gardening. It is made of sand and various amounts of silt and clay particles. Our Top Soil provides excellent drainage, is great for building up low areas and leveling, contains no rocks, very easy to spread, and is 100% weed free. Top Soil delivered by KK Ranch Stone & Gravel is a great material to build up low areas and laying sod on top of, and can be used to amend non-productive or poorly draining soils by tilling this sandy material into existing soil. The Benefits of Using Top Soil Microbial Cultivation  - good quality... Read The Rest
Decorative Landscaping, Drainage & Pipe Bedding
More and more homeowners are trying their hands at DIY projects, especially when it comes to landscaping and gardening. While landscaping might sound like a daunting task, it is not impossible.  You just need to get to know your style and the materials you can use to get the landscape of your dreams. One of the most versatile and affordable materials on the market is pea gravel.  Pea gravel is a kind of rock gravel that is usually characterized as small and rounded, usually approximately 3/8 inch in diameter.  These pebbles are typically cream and tan (color may vary depending on quarry)... Read The Rest
A Great Soil Builder
KK Ranch Stone & Gravel carries a mushroom compost that helps loosen and aerate heavy soils. Our mushroom compost is a wonderful addition to your gardening efforts. As a great soil builder, it’s also really useful for keeping the soil moist, and it helps to break down dense clay. Spent mushroom compost is the soil-like material remaining after growing a crop of mushrooms. The compost is high in organic matter making it desirable for use as a soil amendment or soil conditioner. Spent mushroom compost is excellent to spread on top of newly seeded lawns. Since some plants and garden vegetables are... Read The Rest
Mason Sand for Brickwork and Stonework
Our Brown Brick Sand is fine in texture, brown in color, and is used in mortar for brick and stone work. Brick sand can also be used in sand boxes and as a base when installing pond liner or for above ground swimming pools. Brick sand has been great for volleyball courts and leveling. But don't limit your imagination! There are multiple practical uses for Brown Brick Sand in your backyard It can also be used for backyard Zen gardens, as the base before you lay down garden pavers, or for the surround of a children's playset. The Benefits of Using Brown... Read The Rest
Landscape Rocks and Boulders
Oversized rock is generated in the process of screening Bank Run Gravel. It is sorted into size ranges of 2 to 3 inches, 2 to 6 inches, 4 to 12 inches, 8 to 18 inches, 18 to 36 inches, and 36 inches plus. These rocks come in all shapes and sizes to serve a variety of purposes. The huge range of size options allows builders to find the right rock for nearly any outdoor project. Larger rocks can create beautiful centerpieces for different landscapes, and are also commonly used in retainer walls.  The small  jagged, baseball-sized rocks are often used in smaller... Read The Rest
Concrete Work and Pipe Embedment
Cushion Sand is a native, general purpose sand that has not been screened or processed. Cushion Sand is used under concrete work, pipe embedment, etc. It is typically used under patios or newly poured concrete to help level the area and bring it up to grade.  Cushion sand tends to pack very well compared to other sands. When used under gravel it can help reduce gravel loss due to water drainage. It is beige to yellow in color, and will occasionally have small amounts of clay or sandstones. The experts at KK Ranch Stone & Gravel are ready to deliver to you... Read The Rest
Ideal Mulching Material
Decomposed granite is classification of rock that is derived from granite via its weathering to the point that the parent material readily fractures into smaller pieces of weaker rock. Further weathering yields material that easily crumbles into mixtures of gravel-sized particles.  Decomposed granite resembles gravel or coarse sand.  It comes in a sandy texture and a reddish-tan hue, resembling the granite where it came from. It has practical uses that include its incorporation into paving and driveway materials, residential gardening materials in arid environments, as well as various types of walkways and heavy-use paths.  Loose Decomposed Granite drains well making it an... Read The Rest
Building Pads and Hole Filling
Select Fill is a special material used most often with house foundations and building pads. It is used when fill will not shift or settle over time. This helps ensure the structural integrity of the building above. Occasionally, it will be used for trench backfill.  Select Fill can be used to fill in any depressions on your property or change the grade and elevation of your land to suit your requirements. Other uses for Select Fill include helping to improve drainage. Select fill can be utilized to increase elevation to pull water away from property protecting grass and foundations from issues with... Read The Rest
Drainage or Decorative Landscape
Our washed rock is washed and screened to a size of about 1 inch. It has a natural coloration and comes in hues of brown, tan, gray, and light pink. Washed rock has many uses and is extremely cost effective. It has many benefits over concrete and asphalt. If you find a low patch, simply rake the gravel over.  It is much easier to level out gravel than to patch concrete or asphalt. It is also great for weed control. No one likes pesky invasive weeds that can wreak havoc in your beautiful landscape.  Washed rock can be used to minimize this problem.... Read The Rest
Cap Rock, Walkways, Patios
KK Ranch Stone & Gravel carries beautiful Austin Sawed Slabs. These limestone slabs come in on sheets around 4' long and 1 1/4" thick. These attractive slabs make great cap rocks or for use as mortar on top of concrete.  Other uses include creating gorgeous mantels for outdoor fireplaces. These slabs can also be utilized in creating walkways and in making stunning outdoor patios. Retaining walls and garden steps may also be created using these versatile slabs.  Austin Sawed Slabs are extremely durable and will bring beauty to your outdoor space for years to come. Let the experts at KK Ranch Stone... Read The Rest
Natural Stone for Landscaping Projects
KK Ranch Stone & Gravel provides the best natural patio stone for landscaping projects. Our patio stone is suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Natural patio stone is the perfect choice for creating an inviting, beautiful, and original outdoor space.  Patio stone is more durable than wood since it is more durable. It is also naturally sourced so it is an environmentally friendly landscape design choice.  You may also use our stones to create flagstone walks, stone benches, and fire pits. Additional uses may be to design inspiring outdoor accents, building meandering walkways, and creating inviting patios.  Other uses include making decorative... Read The Rest
Naturally Beautiful Builder's Stone
KK Ranch Stone & Gravel has a variety of Building Stone products to fit your specific project.  Building Stone is timeless and goes with any aesthetic. It is very durable and able to withstand weather.  Because it comes in many colors it is a perfect choice for any project you might have. These projects may include retaining walls, home exteriors, fire places, water falls, pool design and more!  Building Stones are a naturally beautiful solution for your garden, outdoor living area, or walkway needs. KK Ranch Stone & Gravel Building Stones will help you transform your landscape. These decorative stones are available in... Read The Rest
Flower Beds, Outdoor Kitchens, & Retaining Walls
Chopped Stone is a large piece of stone that has been machine cut with a guillotine chopper. The stone is processed or chopped into random size squares and rectangles. It is great for use in indoor and outdoor projects.  Chopped stones are commonly used to line flower beds, line around trees, fireplaces, firepits, retaining walls, and waterfalls. They can also be used in outdoor kitchens as well.  The Chopped Stone selection at KK Ranch Stone & Gravel is made up of various natural stones which can be used for building both residential and commercial projects. The Benefits of Using Chopped Stones Weather Resistant  Versatile Durable  Chopped Stones... Read The Rest
Big Decorative Rocks
KK Ranch Stone & Gravel carries natural stone boulders that are extremely durable and come in a vast assortment of sizes, shapes, colors and origins. You will never find two identical boulders. Adding boulders to your projects will add character and charm to any landscape.  At KK Ranch Stone & Gravel, we have Moss Rock Boulders, Sandstone Boulders, Sponge Rock Boulders, and Limestone Boulders. Boulders make visually appealing natural retaining walls.  Many people think of adding flowers as finishing touches to gardens, but boulders are also a nice choice. They can add an artistic element to any landscape. You can also use... Read The Rest
Great For Natural Stone Features
KK Ranch Stone & Gravel carries beautiful Arizona Cobblestones that are a must in any landscape design. Arizona Cobblestones can be used as decorative rock, on houses, in fire pits, fish ponds, and waterfalls.  Consider using cobblestones as an accent in various flower beds as well. Whether for plants, streams, or other areas, cobblestone is an excellent choice. While plants or water features serve as the chief aesthetic attraction, the cobble rocks add the perfect contrast that can either complement or replace mulch in landscaping situations.  They’re also ideal for edging themes and adding borders. Cobble is also effective in assisting with... Read The Rest
Decorative Brown & Red Landscape Rocks
KK Ranch Stone & Gravel can deliver Moss Rock to your home or business jobsite. Moss Rock is usually brown and red, gaining its color from the sandstone from which it is derived. Moss Rock is commonly used as decorative rock, in fireplaces, firepits, water falls, and flower beds. Additionally, it can be used around garden pavers, water features and landscape walls. Moss rock is great for landscape design when paired with beautiful rock borders, and colorful, lively flowers. Moss rocks can also camouflage power cords, irrigation channels, pipes, standing meters, and other unsightly yard features. The Benefits of Moss Rock Comes in Various... Read The Rest
Septic Systems, Lateral Lines, French Drains
Septic Rock is usually from 1/2" to 3" in size and consists of smooth to angular stones that vary in color from buffs, tans, browns, blacks, and some red shades. Septic Rock can be used for septic systems, lateral lines, and decorative landscaping features.  It can also be used for erosion control, French Drains, and along the foundation of a house providing a structure that will lock into place and allow water to flow through the voids. It can also be used as an accent to flower bed edges. KK Ranch Stone & Gravel can assist you in choosing what you need... Read The Rest
Beautiful Decorative Accent Cobble
KK Ranch and Stone carries a huge variety of stone for your landscaping, outdoor and indoor needs. Nothing makes a landscape project come to life more than the addition of Colorado Cobble.  Cobblestone landscape rock is perfect for natural stone accents, creating dry stream beds, ponds, or waterfalls. In addition, cobblestone may be used to construct patios and add texture to your design.  Colorado Cobblestone is also a perfect choice for walkways because of its textured finish. These decorative stones also keep grass out of areas not intended for grass growth. This is helpful in keeping the edges of your lawn crisp... Read The Rest
Add Beauty To Your Landscape
White Marble Rock (1-1½ inch) has multiple uses in outdoor landscape. It is most  commonly used for paths & walkways, lawn replacement, edging, gardening, and in water features.  The beauty of White Marble Rock is also great for enhancing your landscape around trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, ponds and foundations. Marble Stone is one of the most durable natural stones making it a great choice for outdoor use. Let KK Ranch Stone & Gravel help you choose the stone for your next project.  The Benefits of White Marble Rock  Extreme Durability Heat Resistant  Sleek in Appearance White Marble Rock Can Help  Create Visually Appealing Borders Create Showstopping Flower Beds White Marble Rock... Read The Rest
Decorative Texas Limestone
KK Ranch Stone & Gravel also supplies Lueders Stone. Lueders Limestone is a beautiful Texas limestone that is cut on top as well as the bottom. It contains a rich variation in gradients and colors from buff, light gold, dove gray, to even deep golds.  Lueders Stone is well known for its durability, slip resistance, and beauty. These qualities make this building stone an ideal material for a variety of projects and in helping to create a focal point in your landscape.  One of the primary uses is in pool customization. Lueders is the go-to choice among high-end custom home and pool... Read The Rest
Granite from Texas Hill Country
KK Ranch Stone & Gravel offers pink granite which is an excellent choice for your projects. An attractive option for gravel, Fairland Pink Granite, also known as Crushed Pink Granite Gravel, makes for an aesthetically pleasing choice for landscape or driveway needs.  Crushed gravel is more suitable for a driveway’s surface, thanks to its naturally weathered smooth texture. This pink granite can make your driveway stand out, and look truly unique.  Fairland Pink Granite Gravel can also be used to aid in water drainage. Its irregularity in grain size and shape helps create gaps for water to flow through while still being... Read The Rest
Versatile and Attractive
Here at KK Ranch Stone & Gravel, we are proud to offer Black Star Gravel which is a great choice for many different areas of your home or business. Black Star Gravel is made from basalt. Basalt is an extremely functional and durable stone, which is why the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to its use.  It is an excellent choice for hardscape and landscape design projects. Ideal uses include walkways and pathways, rock gardens, landscape edging, driveways, and landscaping rocks for drainage. When Black Star Gravel is dry, it has more of a gray color, however, when wet,... Read The Rest

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