How far do you deliver?

KK Ranch Stone & Gravel delivers aggregate material to residences, businesses, and construction sites in Johnson County, Texas and surrounding counties.

Can I pick up bulk products with my own truck or trailer?

Yes, you can pick up your material during our normal business hours. We will load your truck or trailer for you.

Can I place my order over the phone?

Yes, you can place your order over the phone. Our usual method of payment is COD so you can phone your order in and pay the driver upon delivery.

How soon can I get delivery of a product?

We request at least one day's lead time for deliveries. If we happen to have time to deliver the same day you order, we'll let you know! Same Day and Next Day delivery service is possible with most products during much of the year.

Will you dump-spread my delivery load?

Our drivers will do their best to spread your delivery, given the limitations they encounter at your location. Factors such as overhead power lines, tree branches, curbs, sidewalks, and ground level must be considered. It is at the delivery driver's discretion to assess the safety of the requested dump site.

Can you dump my delivery load in two places?

Delivery price includes unloading in driveway or curbside dump only. Safety issues and insurance forbid us.

Can you deliver my materials if no one is home?

Yes, we can unload curbside and driveway only. Please leave an obvious landmark (tarp, stake, spray paint, bucket). Providing a sketch of the unload site is helpful. Your order must be prepaid and signed authorizing us to unload at your site. This gives us your permission to enter your driveway and you assume all responsibility within the curb line. We will need a contact phone number to confirm delivery and possibly confer with you from your site before unloading.

How large of a tarp will I need to cover the dumped load?

For loads up to 8 tons a 10x12 foot tarp will work, larger loads and semi-loads a 10x16 tarp is best.

Can you dump on my driveway?

Yes, we can. We can also simply dump on the apron of the drive if you prefer. Generally speaking, we pull on thousands of driveways per year with no complications. Rarely, a driveway has cracked.

Our trucks weigh at least 19,000 pounds empty. Depending on what you are ordering, a fully loaded truck could weigh over 47,000 pounds.

The construction of your drive is the main factor in determining if it can hold that kind of weight. We cannot be responsible for any driveway damage due to delivering material as instructed by you.

Can I have more than one material delivered at the same time?

Sorry, no. There are no dividers in the dump truck beds and the act of the bed raising to an almost vertical position causes all the material in the bed of the dump to mix.

What is the average coverage per ton?

One ton of sand or gravel (1-1/4 inch or smaller) will cover an area of 100 square feet at a depth of two inches. Coverage decreases as the size of the aggregate increases. Use our Material Calculator to help you better determine the amount of material your project needs delivered.

Do you sell bagged materials?

We deal only with 2 yards bags at a cost of $13.00 plus material

How wide is a dump truck, and can it get through the opening in my fence/gate?

The average Tandem Dump Truck is 10 foot wide, so this is the minimum width we can pass through. We cannot dump over a fence, as it will do severe damage.

How do you determine the cost of boulders?

KK Ranch Stone & Gravel determines the cost of boulders by weight. Each delivery is accompanied by a delivery ticket and a scale ticket with a weight at time of delivery.

How much is a yard?

A yard is a cubic measurement of 27 cubic feet. A 3 x 3 x 3 cube is equivalent to 27 cubic feet and is the volume of a cubic yard.

How much is a ton of material?

A ton weighs 2000 pounds. The material will be loaded on a truck and weighed.

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