Brown Brick Sand

Mason Sand for Brickwork and Stonework

Brown Brick SandOur Brown Brick Sand is fine in texture, brown in color, and is used in mortar for brick and stone work. Brick sand can also be used in sand boxes and as a base when installing pond liner or for above ground swimming pools. Brick sand has been great for volleyball courts and leveling.

But don't limit your imagination! There are multiple practical uses for Brown Brick Sand in your backyard It can also be used for backyard Zen gardens, as the base before you lay down garden pavers, or for the surround of a children's playset.

The Benefits of Using Brown Brick Sand

  • Binds stone for a firm base
  • Prevents weed growth between pavers
  • Distributes water evenly

Brown Brick Sand Can Help

  • Sandbox filler
  • Surround children's playsets
  • Act as a base for pond liners
  • Act as a base for above ground pools
  • Fill Zen gardens 
  • Act as a base for paving stones
  • Level uneven areas

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