Top Soil

Good Gardening Soil

Top SoilThis type of soil is typical used for gardening. It is made of sand and various amounts of silt and clay particles. Our Top Soil provides excellent drainage, is great for building up low areas and leveling, contains no rocks, very easy to spread, and is 100% weed free.

Top Soil delivered by KK Ranch Stone & Gravel is a great material to build up low areas and laying sod on top of, and can be used to amend non-productive or poorly draining soils by tilling this sandy material into existing soil.

The Benefits of Using Top Soil

  • Microbial Cultivation  - good quality top soil helps increase nitrogen in the soil
  • Water Harvesting - Soil absorbs water allowing for deeper absorption into the surrounding area
  • Weed-free

Top Soil Can Help

  • Lawn Installations 
  • Lawn Repair 
  • Improving Drainage
  • Build Gardens 

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