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KK Ranch Stone & Gravel carries natural stone boulders that are extremely durable and come in a immense assortment of sizes, shapes, colors and origins. You will never find two identical boulders. Adding boulders to your projects will add character and charm to any landscape. We have Moss Rock Boulders, Sandstone Boulders, Sponge Rock Boulders, and Limestone Boulders.

Boulders can be used for a number of different reasons such as landscape edging, accents, walls, water features, and barriers. Our boulders have been used in projects for residential, commercial, and municipal applications.

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KK Ranch Stone & Gravel delivers Sand, Road Base, & more!

Including decorative gravels for driveways, walkways, and planting beds as well as drainage gravel

Sand - Stone - Gravel Delivery

KK Ranch offers stone, sand, roadbase, and gravel for the general public, contractors, masons, road crews, and landscaping companies and delivers a variety of aggregates in Johnson County, Texas

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