Chopped Stones

Flower Beds, Outdoor Kitchens, & Retaining Walls

Chopped Stones

Chopped Stone is a large piece of stone that has been machine cut with a guillotine chopper. The stone is processed or chopped into random size squares and rectangles. It is great for use in indoor and outdoor projects. 

Chopped stones are commonly used to line flower beds, line around trees, fireplaces, firepits, retaining walls, and waterfalls. They can also be used in outdoor kitchens as well. 

The Chopped Stone selection at KK Ranch Stone & Gravel is made up of various natural stones which can be used for building both residential and commercial projects.

The Benefits of Using Chopped Stones

  • Weather Resistant 
  • Versatile
  • Durable 

Chopped Stones Can Help

  • Line Flower Beds
  • Create Curbs
  • Create Fireplaces or Firepits 
  • Create Retaining Walls
  • Create Backyard Waterfalls

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