Oversized Rock

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Oversized Rock

Oversized rock is generated in the process of screening Bank Run Gravel. It is sorted into size ranges of 2 to 3 inches, 2 to 6 inches, 4 to 12 inches, 8 to 18 inches, 18 to 36 inches, and 36 inches plus.

These rocks come in all shapes and sizes to serve a variety of purposes. The huge range of size options allows builders to find the right rock for nearly any outdoor project. Larger rocks can create beautiful centerpieces for different landscapes, and are also commonly used in retainer walls. 

The small  jagged, baseball-sized rocks are often used in smaller retaining walls, or embedded in wet landscapes to provide greater stability for building other structures. These rocks can be compacted fairly well while still allowing water filtration.

These sturdy rocks are useful for supporting decorative gardens and for other building purposes as well. Let KK Ranch Stone & Gravel help you make your selection today. 

The Benefits of Using Oversized Rock 

  • Added stability in structures
  • Comes in various shapes and sizes
  • Allows for drainage
  • Visual appeal 
  • Versatility  

Oversized Rock Can Help 

  • Strengthen retaining walls
  • Give added stability to structures
  • Line pathways and borders
  • Add visual appeal to landscaping 

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