Septic Rock

Septic Systems, Lateral Lines, French Drains

Septic Rock

Septic Rock is usually from 1/2" to 3" in size and consists of smooth to angular stones that vary in color from buffs, tans, browns, blacks, and some red shades. Septic Rock can be used for septic systems, lateral lines, and decorative landscaping features. 

It can also be used for erosion control, French Drains, and along the foundation of a house providing a structure that will lock into place and allow water to flow through the voids.

It can also be used as an accent to flower bed edges. KK Ranch Stone & Gravel can assist you in choosing what you need for any project.

The Benefits of Septic Rock 

  • Versatile
  • Natural In Color

Septic Rock Can Help

  • Decrease Erosion 
  • With Water Flow
  • As Landscaping Material 
  • As Bedding for Lateral Lines
  • With Septic Systems
  • As A Driveway Material 

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